Pride Flags

This list is by no means exhaustive as the community is contantly growing. We are simply aiming to provide a resource for those looking to better understand themselves or their community.


A non-binary individal who identifies as being without gender.


A person appearing as neither man nor woman, presenting as gender neutral, or a mix of gender.


A person identifying as neither man nor woman, presenting as gender neutral, or a mix of gender.


An attraction to men or masculine presenting individuals.

traditionally medical term



Having no romantic attraction to any gender.


A person who has no sexual attraction to any gender.


Preferring sexual self gratification over other forms of sexual activity.


A gay man who is often larger and has more body hair.


A person whose gender identity is a combination of masculine and feminine.

Bisexual | Biromantic


An umbrella term for people who are sexually and emotionally attracted to more than one gender.


Only experiencing romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection.


A person who does not experience sexual attraction until after developing an emotional connection.


An art form that questions gender roles and society's beauty norms typically for entertainment.

Finsexual | Finromantic

an individual with an attarction towards feminine identifying people.

Gender Fluid

A person whose gender identity shifts. This can be inside or outside of societal gender expectations.

Original Pride Flag

This flag was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978 to represent the LGBT community.

Pride Flag

This flag used to soley represent gays and lesbians but now represnts the LGBT+ community

Philly Pride Flag

This flag was created in Philly to represent the diversity and intersectionality of the LGBTQ community.


Gender identities in which gender intensity varies over time. It can be seen as a form of genderfluid on a spectrum from agender to one or more other gender identities.

Gender Queer

An individual who idenitifies as neither, between, or beyond a combination of genders.

Grey Romantic

A person who may feel sexual attraction but usually does not. They may also experience sexual attraction but have a low sex drive.


Sexual attraction to feminine or feminine identifing individuals.


A medical condition in which a person's anatomy does not seem to fit the defitition of male or female.


A woman attracted to women. Trans-women can also identify as lesbians.

Lipstick Lesbian

A woman who likes or has sex with woman and favors glam and traditionally feminine style.


A person in the asexual spectrum who has a romantic attraction for others but does not want it reciprocated.

Minsexual | Minromantic

An individual who only feels attraction to masculine identifying people.


An individual who identifies as neither, between, or beyond a combonation of genders.


(new-twah) There is no one definition of nuetrois. The most common ones are: gender-neutral, null-gender, neither male or feamle, genderless, and agender.


A person who identifies as being above gender.


An individal who has romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.


An individal who has sexual attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.


An individual who is open to being in an open relationship or a relationship with multiple partners.


A non-binary gender defined as being more than one gender.


Someone who is attracted to multiple genders.


An individual who is attracted to transgender or gender non-conforming people.


A person who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.


a gender that is neither man nor woman. Individuals can categorize themselves or be categorized by society.

Two Spirit

(Only Belongs to Native Americans)

A male-bodied or female-bodied person with masculine and feminine essence.

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