Puberty, Hold Please

Puberty Blockers & Hormones

For parents and guardians who are worried about permanent effects of hormone replacement therapy for their transgender children there is a fully reversible intervention. Adolescents may be eligible for puberty suppressing hormones as soon as pubertal changes have begun. It is recommended that your adolescent experience the onset of puberty to at least Tanner Stage 2 (stages shown below).

Boys Girls Boys & Girls
Development of External Genitalia Breast Development Pubic Hair
Stage 1 Prepubertal Prepubertal Prepubertal
Stage 2 Enlargement of scrotum and testes; scrotum skin reddens and changes in texture. Breast bud stage with elevation of breast and papilla; enlargement of areola. Sparse growth of long, slightly pigmented hair at base of penis or alone labia.
Stage 3 Enlargement of penis; further growth of testes Further enlargement of breast and areola; no separation of their contour Darker, coarser and more curled hair, spreading sparsely over junction of pubes.
Stage 4 Increased size of penis with growth in breadth and development of glans; testes and scrotum grow larger; scrotum skin darkens Areola and papilla form a secondary mound above level of breast. Hair adult in type, but covering smaller area than an adult; no spread to medial surface of thighs.
Stage 5 Adult Genitalia Mature stage: projection of papilla only, related to recession of areola. Adult in type and quantity with horizontal distribution ("feminine")

Criteria for puberty suppressing hormones

For, adolescents to receive puberty suppressing hormones, the following minimum criteria must be met:

Risk for Puberty Suppressants

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